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Ring in the New Year


Blenheim's Annual New Years Eve Event!
Starting at 11:30pm on Dec. 31 at the town bell in front of the post office

What better way to "Ring in the New Year" than by ringing our very own 'Blenheim Town Bell'!

This is a very special event to say 'farewell' to a past, memory filled year and 'welcome' to a future 'New Year' bursting with anticipation of hopeful dreams to be accomplished. 
Everyone who wishes to participate can line up and have their very own chance to 'Ring in the New Year'!  Upon the midnight hour, a large rugged rope can be pulled to release an enchanting chime that can be pleasantly heard throughout the town.
  A little history... Our beautifully hand crafted cradle that holds the town bell, was designed and built by our very own, Henry Pokornik.  He was a certified welder and machinist, as well as a member of the Frank Pokornik & Sons business.


Henry Pokornick

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